A challenge for you (and our “gubmint officials”)

Have you ever read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? I mean, REALLY READ it?

I know, it’s kind of slow read, full of official sounding words and all, but it is easy to understand, if you take the time.  It’s also more important now than ever before that you know and understand these two documents, Our “government  officials” are distorting the laws and the amendments to suit their whims. I speak of all THREE branches of the federal government of the US.

I am happy to submit to you the US Constitution with “Notes”  and the Bill of Rights, as supplied by a good friend of mine, Andrew Horning, on his website – “http://wedeclare.wordpress.com“.

Andy has been politically active since I’ve known him, for the past 10 years. We continue to stay in touch, and, as always,  I appreciate his knowledge of all things governmental and spiritual.

Please take the time to download these two papers and read them thoroughly. You are welcome to contact me by post at this website, or by going to Andy’s site and commenting directly to him.  I highly recommend his posts.

Go Bibi!

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, PM of Israel, addressed the full US Congress today. He is a true politician, and did not speak against the White House, but rather spoke of the enduring support that the US has given Israel, and Israel to the US,  The transcript of his speech is here.

Of course, the Palestinian National Authority (Abbas and his henchmen, Hamas) cried that the speech was a essentially a declaration of war. Silly, silly people. See the Palestinian comments here.

If you are Christian, you know the seriousness of the charge put forth by our God, that Israel will stand and flourish, and that we are not to stand against them.  There is a good explanation of the relationship and commandment found here.

Do you back the Jews? Curious minds want to know.  I, for one, do back them, and I admire them for the restraint they have shown in dealing with their enemies, as well as the loyalty they have shown to us.


The End of the World as We Know It

This weeks news has been abuzz with all types of stories.  The one that intrigues me is Harold Camping’s prediction that the Rapture happens on 5/21/11.  This same man had predicted the Rapture back in 1994, but when it failed to materialize, blamed scripture in Matthew for the miscalculation.  The article from ABC news is interesting. (see story here.)

Also of interest is the discussion , today, between PM Benjamin Netanyahu and our “Mr President”.  Words from Obama’s Middle East Speech last night, called for the 1967 borders of Israel to be used as a starting point for peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  Has anyone really looked at the SIZE of Israel? It is a small sliver of land that probably amounts to the square mileage of Greater Houston, Greater Dallas/Ft Worth , and Greater San Antonio.  Essentially, Obama is giving a chance for the terrorist organization of Hamas to step in and take over our Jewish brothers, including the birthplace of Christianity and all things we hold sacred as Christians and Jews in Jerusalem.  This would amount to genocide, similar to the Third Reich in WWII. It is not a good place for the leader of the free world to be taking us, as Americans, or the Israelis. The Christian Science Monitor had a good report. (See article here.)

Maybe it IS the end of the world as we know it…

I plan to work in the yard tomorrow.


Blue skies ahead

We were threatened in Southeast Texas, by warnings of severe winter storms, ice and SNOW.  Twice! In the coastal regions where I live, we did see two days of below freezing temps (last week, at night) and then last night, we only got down to 29 (at my house) We never saw ice or snow. Roads were clear.  I sure am glad that half of the businesses in town shut down, along with the schools, due to “weather”.  This is CRAZY!  It is 45 degrees and beautiful clear blue skies. I really wonder how the weathermen (and ladies) can get paid for spewing this kind of nonsense? (and what is it based on?)

I am getting antsy.  I need to do some kind of work… even if it is just telephone or PC work.  Without the pain meds, my mind is racing, again, and I need to USE IT! So the search is on for a part time gig to appease my appetite for working, and to make a few extra dollars. (I need a new car… actually, I just need a car.  My truck has been commandeered by a 17 year old, which essentially means I’ll never see it again).

Mainstream news is really ticking me off.  As if this country doesn’t have enough problems with budget, deficit spending, bailouts, Obamacare, illegal aliens, and the “never ending quest to convince the public that we must save ourselves from Global Warming (aka: Gore Bull Warming)”  … now we are going to try to save Egypt???!!!  I don’t wish bad on anyone, but, let them deal with their own problems.  We don’t have the means or the finances to do anything for them.

So I pose the question: Should Texas secede?

CU later!

Happy February!

Well, at least I’m happy today, in the face of a winter storm that has over 45% of the country entangled in ice, snow gale force winds and downright COLD temperatures.  Its 45 degrees here in League city, and will get down to around 25 degrees tonight and tomorrow night, before starting back up the scale on Friday.  At least it will be a brief cold snap, but long enough and cold enough to kill off the mosquito larvae. Fortunately, my citrus trees will be fine because the are small enough that covering them is easy.

You know, there are a lot of people in this country that really get comfortable in their little “pity-pot”  …  over the weather, politics, the economy, etc.  But when you take a good hard look at what’s going on in the Mid East and Northern Africa, with oppressive fundamentalist regimes and riots in at least 5 countries at this moment, it makes our problems look pretty small.  The fact is, our government is BAD right now, and the economy has been bad, but things are starting to turn the corner.  Jobs are coming up again, there are new congresspersons in DC with a renewed sense of why they are there (to do the peoples bidding), and we DON”T have rioting in the streets. The USA is still the best country in the world, allowing men and women to have to control of their lives, and to keep their rights.  It gets dicey at times, but the people always rally at the point where things start to deteriorate markedly.  The people have just done so, and are continuing to push for the constitutionality of our government.  Yeah Americans!!

Believe in God’s promises, talk with him frequently, don’t hesitate to ask him to guide our leaders and for him to give us the strength (and wisdom) to rise against the tyranny when it becomes necessary. The plays of the end game are already well known to Him, and the outcome of the final battle is fixed.  God will win, and those of us who follow his commands, through Jesus, will be in the winners circle with him.  Say hallelujah, amen!.