Hello 2015!

Hi folks.

I have actually made some resolutions for the new year. One is to be more consistent with my blogging. I want to make the blogs more interesting and fun (or not). The point is, I do not want to just write health reports or political rants (though that could happen since I’m only human) I will try to compete with my daughter, who is a pro. ( and really really witty. See http://snowglobedweller.wordpress.com/)
I start the new endeavor on Monday, January 5th.
I hope you will like what I have to say, and if you don’t, please comment and suggest what you would like to hear…I have deep resources.

Happy new year, everyone!

My Holidays were spent with these two rugrats. I think they are kind of cute!

I'm a happy baby!

I’m a happy baby!

I like my truck

I like my truck

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