Things are not always as they seem

I recently posted about my great weekend. The anniversary, the baby, etc.

Today, I am sucking in all the beauty that is Houston in the fall. Perfect skies, perfect temp, newly mowed lawn and my pup sleeping beside me as I write.

I say this because I AM NOT depressed…

However, on Tuesday morning around 0800, I received a text from my favorite PA, Erin. She had the results of my blood-work that I had done on Friday (my granddaughter’s birthday). This was supposed to be the 4 week post Sovaldi viral load check. It was actually closer to 6 weeks. So far, since week 4 of the regimen, my Hep C has been undetectable.

The message was “Well the bad news is, the virus is back. The good news is, Harvoni was FDA approved on Friday” (yeah, the same one)

So…I am going back on meds, again. Starting in about 1-2 weeks, and will be on those meds for another 6 months. We should have better results this time since the drug combines 2 direct acting antivirals, where as the last treatment only had 1. They are both in the same pill, and have no bad side effects like the Ribavirin I was taking with the last treatment (no more anemia or shortness of breath!!!).

So the word is… go Harvoni! And lots of prayer is needed and appreciated.

e3.jpg 017

4 responses to “Things are not always as they seem

  1. Well, good news bad news! I will hang on to the good news part of it. Good luck with the treatment old buddy! Looking forward to seeing you on your next Nac visit

  2. I feel ya.. I just got off ribaviran , sovaldi and alysio.. Blood work has been entirely clean the last 6 weeks .. Do my 1 month after regimen blood work on the 20th.. And if clean still then go 1 more time in 3 months and if still clean they figure it was beaten . Frikken hep C put my liver at stage 4.. So not unlike you , I’m just trying to get to see the Grandkids mature into adults. They say it’s 90-98 % effective at complete annihilation of the virus.. But time will tell. Anyway Michael, let me say after all the crazy crap we did in our youth , I’m just glad we made it this far and am trusting God with the rest.. He’s been darn good to me in spite of myself. Also, I’d like to say .. I’ve never regretted our friendship.. We all do silly shit when we are young, but through it all.. I always had trust in you.. And I’m glad your still kicking. Fight the fight my friend.. And stay in touch.. I just found out I’m about to be grandpa one more time from the son.. That’ll make 4 so I’m excited. Hope everything goes well with your new treatment and give the family my best… Ol’ Buck

    • Thank you to both Joe and Mike. I do appreciate and value your friendships. Mike, You never told me what you were suffering from, just that you had health issues. I’m so sorry that you are dealing with this too. It is what it is, though, and I’m just thankful for what I have and for every day God gives me. The grandkids don’t hurt, either…:-}

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