It’s summertime, and I’m ecstatic! My treatments are going very well, with actual results. I am currently HCV free (first time since 1985!) The only side effects are migraines and anemia, but both are controlled with adjunctive therapy. This beats the heck out of the other 5 rounds of chemo!

I have been traveling again, both for pleasure and business. Since May, I have been in Austin (repeatedly), Key West, Chicago, Ft Worth, and Portland.
I am still semi-retired, but doing a lot of volunteer work: at my church, in the GOP, in the Tea Party, and the Greg Abbott campaign. I’m still the VP of the Greater Houston Society of Echocardiography, as well as their webmaster.

My kids are all doing GREAT!
My grandson is now 2 and has a sister on the way, eta: October!
Joey is doing extremely well. We are adjusting to the “empty nest” and being “grands” It is really quiet comfortable. We are both looking forward to the 40 year NHS reunion at the end of the month.
I can’t hardy wait to see everyone!

Fields of Sunflowers in Ennis TX

Fields of Sunflowers in Ennis TX

2 responses to “Summertime!!

  1. Glad to hear all the good things that you are enjoying and look forward to Mike! Muh love to you and Joey. Keep on rockin’!

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