Life during wartime

Now, we all know things are tough, and getting tougher. What we need is a little humor, and with that, laughter.
So this little diddy from Rushbo did it for me. Hope you enjoy it. (In case you don’t know the original song, it was by the Talking Heads with David Byrne… Late 70s)

Life During Wartime (spoof)

One response to “Life during wartime

  1. Hi Mike..Oh, the good ol’ 70’s and 80’s..Music ,.this is a good one.I remember alot of good music pumping through your bose 301s….Thought of ol’ Malcolm the other day..playing his washtub base at a couple gatherings…Wonder if he’s still around? That was one Crazy(the good kind) Dude. Hope this finds you and yours doing well and glad your making a comeback…Just found out my Liver is in stage 4 couple weeks ago…Coulda definately been a better day…But, I’m not going down without a fight…Gotta good woman ,great family, and a 1 year old grandson from my Son now…So..I’m a keep on keeping on till I don’…We all eventually hafta deal ,on all the things we thought we were indestructible from ,in one way or another. You guys have a great holiday season. Michael B

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