Life during wartime

Now, we all know things are tough, and getting tougher. What we need is a little humor, and with that, laughter.
So this little diddy from Rushbo did it for me. Hope you enjoy it. (In case you don’t know the original song, it was by the Talking Heads with David Byrne… Late 70s)

Life During Wartime (spoof)

Papa Mike and

This past Monday and Tuesday marked a huge leap in the relationship with my grandson. Up till now, his mother and grandmother have never left the two of us alone. (I guess they don’t trust “feeble old men”). But they did leave us alone for a couple of hours while they went shopping. Now, I have always loved this little guy, even before he was born. But suddenly, he is no longer a baby. He is a boy, with all the accompanying attributes for said creature. We UNDERSTAND each other. He is SO much fun, now, because he is “interactive”. I can hardly wait to see him again!!!