An Era Passes

Last week was a sad week for our family. I have been so upset that I have not been able to write about it till now.
Our family member, and my best friend and partner in crime, went to the other side on Thursday PM, September 20, 2012.
I speak of our family Labrador Retriever, Bonnie Bluebonnet. She was the best canine I ever had, and as the following slideshow will prove, a family member, through and through. She was even the ring bearer in my son’s wedding.
WE all knew this was coming. Bonnie was 13.5 years old and had bad joints and cancer. IT did’t make it any easier to lose her, though.
She started hunting at the age of 9 months, and was a superstar. She hunted dove, quail, pheasant, duck and geese. (the geese were hard, since she only ever weighed 55 ponds, soaking wet). She loved the water, especially the ocean. She would retrieve dummies for hours, until we could no longer throw them for her.
Bonnie was the sweetest, and most loving creature on the face of this earth. I only ever heard her growl or bark at the neighbors as they came and went. They were crackheads and eventually all of them were either killed or busted. She knew evil when she sensed it.
WE began referring to her as “Aunt Bonnie” when we were raising Rag-doll kittens. She would stand by while the mom would take a break. She played with them and they acted as if she belonged. She was so sweet and gentle with the kittens. One of the kittens stayed with us and he and Bonnie were inseparable. He really misses her and will wander through the house looking and calling out to her.
WE all miss the looks of love and the familiar wagging of the lethal tail. She was a joy and will never be forgotten.

In loving memory:

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