Oops! I forgot…

Not really, I’ve just been distracted The short version is:

1) Worked a lot.
2) Stopped the telepravir drug…continued interferon and ribavirin.
3) Became a grandfather!


Good morning! It’s gonna be a GREAT day!

4) Lost my Father-in-Law … my other Dad.
5) Lost our little Ragdoll cat, Annie, to renal failure.
6) Got Evan enrolled in San Jacinto College for his AS in Plant Process Technology. He just has to FINISH. We continue to pray.

I will try to limit my political rants, but let it be known: I AM a Christian, a Contitutional Conservative, A supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and a TEXAN to the core (both as a citizen and a “Fan of the Raging Bulls.

It’s the day before Labor Day and I’m not going to labor tomorrow. I am going to visit my mom in East Texas.

Till next time…

One response to “Oops! I forgot…

  1. Well Michael..considering the many ways life has of making the real things even more real at times..I’m glad your doing well now..your grandson is a lil handsome dude..and i’m glad your family is well..sorry to here about bluebonnett…I just lost a personal friend like that of 15 years about 3 days ago..so I totally know where your at with that..I miss him terribly. Pam and I are doing pretty good these days, considering my health problems are a constant journey into the unknown it seems..but, we’re making it as the Lord sees fit, so I’m leaving all that up to him. We have a new grandson as well..”Zane

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