We made the distance!!

On Saturday, March 31, my wife JoAnn, and I along with my sister Sheri and her family, walked what was supposed to be a 5K walk for the American Liver Foundation’s Liver Life Walk. Due to some questionable signage (or just flat out mischief) our route was changed without notice and we ended up walking about twice that amount. It didn’t hurt us, but we were TIRED at the end. (over half the walkers at the event got suckered in to this trick)

At any rate, it was worth it. We raised, as a coalition, over $90K for the American Liver Foundation. My group exceeded our goal of $1500, thanks to my generous donors.

I will put a slide show up, as soon as I collect all the pictures, but in the meantime, here is the money shot!

The Finish line (finally!)

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