Better Week!

Today, I went to have my usual bloodletting ceremony, and while I was at the lab, I was allowed a look at some results that had not gone to the doctor, yet.

My Hep C viral load is “UNDETECTABLE”! I asked my PA what that meant (of course I know what it means, but I was playing dumb) She said it means “AWESOME…NEGATIVE VIRAL COUNT!” So I asked if that meant “winning” and she responded with “WINNING :-)”

So, The chemo is working and the discomfort is worth it. I will stay on the meds for at least 10 more months, just to be sure it’s all gone, but I should be able to donate organs and blood at some point within the next year!

God has blessed us with everything, including a great medical team.

Look out world. I’m BAACK! (and real happy)

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