Week 3…

My medications are all at max levels, now, and so far… I’m tolerating it. Well, kind of.  My white cells are way down, so I now have to take Neupogen to cause my body to manufacture white blood cells (for immunity).  And now, the red cells are taking a dive, so we will have to start the procrit to stimulate red blood cell production (for oxygen transport, etc). I have been running a low grade temperature since Saturday, but that is just one of the normal noises around here, so I’m still on for a start date of March 5th for my new job, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I will be walking in the Liver Life Walk in Houston (March 31st) for the American Liver Foundation.  I need sponsors. If you are so inclined to donate, please visit this website to learn more and to make a donation. You will be helping a lot more people than just me ( because I hope to be Hep C free in 11 months!!)  If you want to walk with us… visit theteam page and click on the Join Team link above the member names.  Its not a marathon, but a nice walk through a beautiful park along Memorial Drive in Houston.

Ready to walk...

I'm ready to walk... How about YOU?

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