2012…. Are You Scared, Yet?

OK, folks… it’s here. The dreaded year 2012.  So what’s it going to bring? Any ideas out there?

I personally think there are going to be some BIG changes.

First of all, to my heath.  (for the better, at the cost of being puny for several months)  I start my new Triple component chemo this week, and we are all hoping and praying that it will be the last attack on the Hep C virus I have been plagued with for the past decade.

Secondly, this country HAS to change course if we are to remain the “home of the Brave and the land of the FREE”. It comesn to some deep assessment of personal liberties (or lack thereof) and a determination by each individual to do the right thing for themselves, their family and their country.  We have to quit selecting leaders based on Hollywood Marketing and Slick Delivery of doublespeak. This is not about Democrats vs Republicans… rather it is about RIGHT and WRONG.  It is about our Constitution. It is about Freedom, (especially freedom OF religion… not freedom FROM religion). It is about JOBS (not government jobs) It is about securing our borders (from ILLEGAL immigration, not from LEGAL immigration). It is about CAPITALISM and the right of EVERY human to grow to their fullest potential…not to be held as a slave to big government programs. These changes are about BEING AMERICANS!  States rights… small federal government with LIMITED power.  After all, they work for US… we can Hire and Fire at will.  We have to quit being SHEEPLE and do our duty.  That means study the situation, study the candidates (and incumbents) and change our employees as need by VOTING!!!

I also foresee a great year in that I’m about 3.5 months from meeting my first grandson! I am really pumped up about this! Looks like I will be spending a lot of time in Austin.  It’s OK.  Waylon needs to be with his Papa! A lot!

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