Is it 2012, yet?

I have been recovering from my surgery, and not writing, as you have noticed. I HAVE been watching a lot of TV, however, and it seems the clicker always seems to click to a news channel (or seven). I tell you, folks, its getting extremely frustrating to me to watch and hear the BS (that’s “bacon sandwich” for those of you who don’t know) that dribbles across the airwaves, constantly.

First, there are the shenanigans from the criminals in the Congress, White House and all things DC. If I make it another day without exploding, I will be surprised.  Solyndra, bailout #3, stock market, jobs bill, Charlie Rangel’s portrait on the wall of the congressional building (at the bargain basement price of 65k0 not eleven months after his censure on eleven counts of misconduct. My, ain’t we got fun!?

Then, we have 9 GOP candidates fighting among themselves (for our entertainment, presumably) and this has to go on HOW much longer?

Oh, and just for an added bonus, there is a school bus sized piece of “space junk”, weighing in at about 6 tons, plummeting to earth sometime this evening.  The sky really IS falling!

It occurs to me that if one is ignorant, being led to slaughter is so much more relaxing….

On a happier note, however, my stitches come out on Monday, AND, I get my new “EARS”! I’m also about 4 pounds from my “ideal” weight.  So I think I’ll just float on those things for another week or so.

The gangsters can destroy the world without me!


My policy (hasn't worked so far)

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