Uhhh…. I forgot.

I have been noticeably absent. My body took a vacation, and my mind took a longer one. I’m back, now. Have some personal issues to deal with (abdominal hernia surgery on Tuesday morning, hopefully the last one… because they are painful as hell to recover from).

However, I have not let the BS (bacon sandwich) get past me.

Like the JOBS report this week.  ZERO growth rate! ZERO!

CNBC reported that “It was the first time since World War II that the economy had precisely net zero jobs created for a month.”

It took the Republican National Committee exactly 94 minutes to coin a new, demeaning title for Barack Obama: President Zero.


Way to go, President Zero!

In an email to reporters, the R.N.C. took note of the worst job report in nearly a year, saying that there has been “two and a half years of Obamanomics and nothing to show for it.”

The monthly report, which showed a 17,000-job gain among private employers but no growth overall, provides Mr. Obama’s Republican rivals with the perfect opportunity to criticize him as they prepare to gather for another nationally-televised debate next week.

And it gives Mr. Obama an even more gloomy backdrop for the jobs speech he will give to a joint session of Congress next Thursday. In the speech, Mr. Obama is expected to call for a renewed national effort to put people back to work and trim the nation’s deficit.

So what does the administration have to say about all of this?

President Zero’s Labor Secretary Hilda Solis told a cable news anchor this morning: “I do feel like we’re going in the right direction…”

Oh yeah? And exactly WHAT direction is that? Socialism? Marxism? Sharia Law? Or just off the cliff?!?!

And on another note, regarding the STIMULUS and GREEN ENERGY:

House investigators said they have uncovered evidence that White House officials became personally involved in an Energy Department review of a hot-button $535 million loan guarantee to the now-failed California solar company Solyndra.

The allegation surfaced in a letter House Energy Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) sent to the White House Thursday night, saying he planned to accelerate efforts to understand an investment deal that may have left taxpayers out half a billion dollars.

“We have learned from our investigation that White House officials monitored Solyndra’s application and communicated with [Department of Energy] and Office of Management and Budget officials during the course of their review,” the letter says.

Thursday’s letter, which calls on the White House to turn over correspondence between administration officials, Solyndra and its investors, presents the most pointed suggestion that the White House had direct involvement in the financing.

“How did this company, without maybe the best economic plan, all of a sudden get to the head of the line?” Upton told ABC News in an interview this week. “We want to know who made this decision … and we’re not going to stop until we get those answers.”

But will they ever really get those answers. Will they even try?  And if they get the answers, what will the do with them. I think that 90% of the guys in congress are spineless weasels who don’t have the cojones to stand up for what’s RIGHT. They are to worried about pleasing there respective parties, and securing there next campaign monies and seat.

“I’m tired
Lawd I’m so tired….”

Vote the constitution! Read the annotated (explained) version here!

See you in a week or so…

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