I’m Outta Here!

I have watched and listened in utter disgust, throughout the past few weeks, to the goings on in DC and in Florida.

Does anyone else think that the Casey Anthony Trial was a show to distract us from the total absence  of leadership in the government? Did these idiots not realize that a budget had to be submitted?

Are WE idiots for not paying attention to what the politicians are up to? Well, as a matter of fact, we are.  Our liberties are being usurped more every day. We are a skip, a blink and a nod away from a socialist state where the government provides for all. Today, I heard that the government has decided that cell phone are a “RIGHT” and has mandated that cell companies provide FREE PHONES and 250 MINUTES to anyone who applies, as long as they are at 137% of, or below, the recognized poverty level. This is maddening.  They get cell phones and WE pay for it! And many of us, can barely afford our cell phones. The cell companies will naturally pass on the expenses to us. (of course, we have higher gas prices and higher food prices , etc. The list goes on)

What a crazy mixed up country we live in. I barely recognize it sometimes. But the constitution is still the law of the land, and until it is changed in a legal fashion, we have the right, no the DUTY, to stop the madness.  This country is a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”.  We grant powers to the elected officials, And we can take those powers away, as well. But the way to do it is to vote… and vote carefully.  Don’t let slick ads sway you. Study the candidates and then vote for those that will do what YOU want them to do. Don’t worry about party lines. Both parties are guilty of spending in excess, wasting taxpayer money and their time in office just so they can have a cushy job and retire and make millions more on the Speaker Circuit. People… we HAVE to put and end to this.

I can’t take it anymore!  I’m going to stay with my father -in-law while he has knee replacement surgery, and till he is OK on his own. In the meantime, I will become blissfully ignorant of the events in DC, and in three weeks I will start the fight to awaken you guys once again.

Happy wedding and best wishes to Adam and Elizabeth! ( hopes for a long rest to the parents of both.)

PS: I know I’m ranting, but sometimes you’ve just got to say it (or explode).

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