A challenge for you (and our “gubmint officials”)

Have you ever read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? I mean, REALLY READ it?

I know, it’s kind of slow read, full of official sounding words and all, but it is easy to understand, if you take the time.  It’s also more important now than ever before that you know and understand these two documents, Our “government  officials” are distorting the laws and the amendments to suit their whims. I speak of all THREE branches of the federal government of the US.

I am happy to submit to you the US Constitution with “Notes”  and the Bill of Rights, as supplied by a good friend of mine, Andrew Horning, on his website – “http://wedeclare.wordpress.com“.

Andy has been politically active since I’ve known him, for the past 10 years. We continue to stay in touch, and, as always,  I appreciate his knowledge of all things governmental and spiritual.

Please take the time to download these two papers and read them thoroughly. You are welcome to contact me by post at this website, or by going to Andy’s site and commenting directly to him.  I highly recommend his posts.

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