My Dad… My Hero…

On this Memorial Day, I, like all good Americans, honor the soldiers who have died for our freedoms.

My dad, SFC William R Adams, of the 49th Armored Division, fought in Korea. He was in the fight at Pork Chop Hill, where he took enemy gunfire, and ultimately received a Purple Heart for his actions in saving another fallen soldier. On the Korean War Veterans Memorial, it says “Freedom is not Free”.

This has been a truth for Americans since the Revolutionary War. And today, we must still remind ourselves of the selfless actions that our armed services have performed to ensure that we continue to have this freedom.

My dad, known to his rather large “tribe” as “Papa” did come home to Texas, took care of his dying brother, and then went on to be the husband of Freda, and the father of 5 children and later, was grandfather to 16 grandchildren.  He was a kind and gentle man… my best friend.

Papa fought his own personal battle for many years.  He developed coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and then finally, colon and lung cancer. He lost the battle on March 15, 2009, but received the biggest reward of all by going home to God, where he is in perfect peace and pain free.

We all miss him. And today, I want to say “THANK YOU” for EVERYTHING you did for the country and for your family. We will always remember and love you.

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