What the…?

Hey campers!!!

It’s Monday, and I’m still here.  Are you?

It was a tense weekend, but not because of the “rapture malfunction”, but because of major events that affect us. These include the Iceland volcano eruption, the tornadoes in Missouri, the continued flooding in Louisiana, and of course the continuing saga of our president’s gaffe in the Middle East Peace Process.  At least the POTUS limo is unstoppable, that is as long as no CURBS are in sight.

Hmm… it kind of makes me wish that we had been raptured.  It seems like I am destined to watch the world through hand covered eyes with fingers slightly separated.

Good news, though: both protease inhibitor drugs that I have been waiting for are here! They are rather pricey, but having spent over $100K so far to keep the engine running, I believe I will go ahead with therapy as planned. At least I have insurance…

(btw, if you are not used to it, the colored text will take you to a news article on that subject)

Well, we shall see what happens next.  Take care of yourselves!

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