Sunday barbeque!

My brother-in -law is here today, so we are cooking a southern feast… baby back ribs, potato salad, green salad and fellowship!  This is how weekends are supposed to be!

Its been a good week, although somewhat bittersweet. On Tuesday, my Mom left the family homestead to move into her digs at my brother’s house.  Stephen and Mary, thank you so much for your generousity, and the love you show for our mother. I went to the old place on Sunday night, and spent a couple of days with Mom and she seems to be ready to go.  The house is BIG and with just her living there, is quite emmpty.  The house is for sale now and the proceeds will go far to settle affairs and still have some left over for living expenses. All will be well…

I have an appointment with the surgeons tomorrow to determine if we can repair this incisional hernia.  If that can happen, the last issue with my transplant will be resolved, and I should enter a normal lifestyle, again.

So that’s what I pray for tonight… that the surgeons have the wisdom and courage to make the call and do the right thing.

More later.

One response to “Sunday barbeque!

  1. We are all praying for that too. You have been in pain too long. You were more like your old self when I saw you last week, than in a long time…until the pain hit again. It was so great to have you like that and with prayer and faith…it will soon be like that again. I love you dear one. Mom

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