I can hardly believe that it’s Monday already.  This has been a fantastic trip!. I had not realized just how MUCH I have missed my in-laws, and the Low Country.  The weather has been very accommodating, The company has been excellent.  The walks on the beach have been the BEST. Meals are SO good… I think I have gained weight again!..

I’m  taking a “blog break” while Joey went to pick up her mom.  Al is at the VA for a doctor appointment.

Evan and Scott are playing video games. John is taking a nap –  as are Johnny and Mariette

Nice and peaceful.

I will start packing up tonight.  We have a 1000 flight out of Charleston, which means we need to leave here around 0630.  We are all going out for supper tonight (ALL of us) so that we don’t have to cook and clean kitchen.

Se ya back in Texas!

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