and AWAY we GO!

In about 11 hours, I will be leaving, with my wife and youngest son, for a week long vacation at Pawley’s Island, SC.  We are going to visit my father-in-law, and mother-in-law, and will be visited there by a brother-in-law and my nephew and his wife.  This is my first trip since surgery (not including the trip back home from Indy, post op).  I am SO EXCITED!.., but a little nervous, as well.

1st, is the issue of germy air on the plane.  I will wear a triple filtration mask while on board.

2nd, I am concerned about anything going wrong medically while I am there, (though my doctors told me today that I am OK to travel, and they are only a cell phone call away…24/7).

3rd, I don’t want to cause of any problems for my family, so I have to be STRONG.

Other than that… I can hardly wait to get there.  It’s been almost 3 years since I have seen Joey’s family, and I miss them a lot.

So with God’s will and protection, we will be at Al’s house by 4pm Tuesday afternoon, and enjoy beach living in “shabby elegance” – unique to Pawley’s Island and the Carolina Low Country – with plenty of time to read, watch movies, walk on the beach, and catch up on visiting.

Yes, Life is STILL worth living!


One response to “and AWAY we GO!

  1. Hey guys, Happy flying and have a wonderful vacation. I will pray that all the little bugs on the plane will fly away from you. Have a great time and tell Al and Pauline hello.

    A call or a note would be great about half way through the time you are gone.

    Rest easy. I love y’all. Mafrena

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