I gotta quit opening my mouth!

Well, it’s EARLY Friday morning and I am back in the hospital with infection, fever, abdominal distension and pain, water retention and headache.  Doc Thomas started me on multiple IV and oral antibiotics at about 300pm, and will continue for at least another day or so in the hospital, then I will most likely go home with a PICC line (semi-permanent IV) and continue the IV meds for another week or so.

My temp hit 102+ Wednesday afternoon. I’m supposed to go the the ER anytime it gets higher than 100.2, so naturally, I didn’t go, but instead, I cooked chicken kabobs on the grill with Joey, took tylenol, and went to bed.  I hate the ER (and it’s expensive).  So Erin (my PA) called me Thursday morning and said I was pre-admitted and my room was waiting for me.  Joey drove me down to Galveston and they got right down to business.  Same nurses that took care of me last time, and, of course the same doctors.

I’m tired of this hotel (UTMB), but I’m glad my medical team is on the ball, and that I like them enough to see them as often as I do.

Good news is, the temp is already heading into normal range and my blood sugar (always high when I’m sick) has returned to normal without the need for insulin.

So all is well for the time being.  I really am in “pretty good shape for the shape I’m in…”

Praise God. He has really guided my physicians through a difficult case.  It’s God’s show , no doubt.  I trust that he is always here and will always take care of me, and my family. All prayers sent up for me, Joey and the rest of my clan, are much needed and appreciated, so pray away.  Thank you all.

More later.

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