Wait… it’s been a year?

Well, almost: 8 more days and we will celebrate UnSub’s first birthday.  I sometimes wondered if I’d see this day. Apparently, God has plans that I am not privy to.

I feel SO MUCH better than I have since May of 2009, and it gets better every day!  I have to watch myself because I get all fired up, and then try to work like I used to, and I usually end up wearing myself out.  But hey!  I feel like working again.  I’m still on medical disability, but starting to do things around the house, more, and even starting into a little part-time “project”. (I hope it turns out to be the future full-time job).

The weather is very pleasant… no more old man winter.  It was a perfect day for a bike ride today.  So I went, and then spent the rest of the afternoon outside with my old dog, Bonnie.

Life’s Worth Livin’!

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