Blue skies ahead

We were threatened in Southeast Texas, by warnings of severe winter storms, ice and SNOW.  Twice! In the coastal regions where I live, we did see two days of below freezing temps (last week, at night) and then last night, we only got down to 29 (at my house) We never saw ice or snow. Roads were clear.  I sure am glad that half of the businesses in town shut down, along with the schools, due to “weather”.  This is CRAZY!  It is 45 degrees and beautiful clear blue skies. I really wonder how the weathermen (and ladies) can get paid for spewing this kind of nonsense? (and what is it based on?)

I am getting antsy.  I need to do some kind of work… even if it is just telephone or PC work.  Without the pain meds, my mind is racing, again, and I need to USE IT! So the search is on for a part time gig to appease my appetite for working, and to make a few extra dollars. (I need a new car… actually, I just need a car.  My truck has been commandeered by a 17 year old, which essentially means I’ll never see it again).

Mainstream news is really ticking me off.  As if this country doesn’t have enough problems with budget, deficit spending, bailouts, Obamacare, illegal aliens, and the “never ending quest to convince the public that we must save ourselves from Global Warming (aka: Gore Bull Warming)”  … now we are going to try to save Egypt???!!!  I don’t wish bad on anyone, but, let them deal with their own problems.  We don’t have the means or the finances to do anything for them.

So I pose the question: Should Texas secede?

CU later!

2 responses to “Blue skies ahead

  1. The thought of seceding is tempting. However, I’m not sure Texas is financially stable enough to stand on our own!! State agencies are certainly feeling the crunch.

    But, if we did secede-count me in! There is no better place to live!!

  2. Thanks, Sheri L

    The reason our state agencies are having problems can be directly tied to the Federal Gubmint hogtying us with their irrational policies and mandates.

    “the eyes of Texas are upon you!”

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