Happy February!

Well, at least I’m happy today, in the face of a winter storm that has over 45% of the country entangled in ice, snow gale force winds and downright COLD temperatures.  Its 45 degrees here in League city, and will get down to around 25 degrees tonight and tomorrow night, before starting back up the scale on Friday.  At least it will be a brief cold snap, but long enough and cold enough to kill off the mosquito larvae. Fortunately, my citrus trees will be fine because the are small enough that covering them is easy.

You know, there are a lot of people in this country that really get comfortable in their little “pity-pot”  …  over the weather, politics, the economy, etc.  But when you take a good hard look at what’s going on in the Mid East and Northern Africa, with oppressive fundamentalist regimes and riots in at least 5 countries at this moment, it makes our problems look pretty small.  The fact is, our government is BAD right now, and the economy has been bad, but things are starting to turn the corner.  Jobs are coming up again, there are new congresspersons in DC with a renewed sense of why they are there (to do the peoples bidding), and we DON”T have rioting in the streets. The USA is still the best country in the world, allowing men and women to have to control of their lives, and to keep their rights.  It gets dicey at times, but the people always rally at the point where things start to deteriorate markedly.  The people have just done so, and are continuing to push for the constitutionality of our government.  Yeah Americans!!

Believe in God’s promises, talk with him frequently, don’t hesitate to ask him to guide our leaders and for him to give us the strength (and wisdom) to rise against the tyranny when it becomes necessary. The plays of the end game are already well known to Him, and the outcome of the final battle is fixed.  God will win, and those of us who follow his commands, through Jesus, will be in the winners circle with him.  Say hallelujah, amen!.



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